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the journey

by Open Mind Music

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WavetechTM System - 3 Mind-blowing binaural tracks. First, we'll take you to a place of calmness, then a place where healing flows, and finally to a new found place of inspiration, calm and restoration.

The “Calm and Center” recording is focussed to help you meditate and bring you to a state of calmness and contentedness.

The "Heal" recording helps your body recover and stimulate the brain to release growth hormone.

Our "Inspire" recording aids with focus, activate intuition and do creative problem solving

**Important: Use earphones!**

Due to the nature of the binaural sound technology it is important that the sound is isolated to each ear. We recommend that you sit or lie down in a quiet and comfortable place.


- Gentle lowering of the mental state from normal wakefulness to a meditative state
- Promotes the release of growth hormone, also brings a feeling of well-being
- Reverses the effects of stress
- Stimulates blood flow in the body, well-being and harmony
- Schumann Resonance – feels like you have spent time in nature
- Feel relaxed but alert
- Lower audible beats, which means less distraction

At the end of listening to this part of the system, your should feel calm, relaxed, with a new sense of euphoria. It’s normal to feel relaxed, with heavy limbs after a session.

10min short version (due to file size limitations on Bandcamp)

For longer versions, please see:

Why longer versions? - Although you will start feeling the effect of binaural beats after about 7mins, this binaural will then bring you to a wakeful state every 10 mins if set to repeat.

A longer version will have twice the impact.

Wavebalance™ audio technology is perfectly tuned for specific results.

Immersing yourself in our our binaural beats can help in many ways, and is as simple as pushing a button:

• Revive feelings of inspiration, vitality, rejuvenation, happiness, and confidence
• Reduce stress, eliminate worry, calm anxiety, and cure depression, rid yourself of irritability, and moodiness
• Strengthen and stimulate your immune system for overall well-being and optimal health
• Regain self-control and get rid of unwanted habits
• Gain confidence, banish fears, and phobias
• Calm your mind, learn how to "switch off"
• Find peaceful and deep restful sleep
• Increase emotional stability, psychological balance, and mental harmony
• Switch on clarity of thought, creativity and concentration
• Increase your capacity to memorize, learn and do mental processing
• Find motivation to inspire personal growth, build intuition, and reach your goals
• Teach yourself to meditate, control pain, explore self-awareness and state of consciousness to "Live in the now"


released May 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Open Mind Music South Africa

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